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Info on our NEW MM “PushBullet News Channel”

MazdaMovement is always looking for new innovative ways to connect our Mazda Enthusiasts and we have started a new FREE subscription service called “PushBullet”. When you download to either your smartphone on Android or iPHONE or even as a browser extension for CHROME or FireFox.

Check out our video explaining the benefits of becoming a subscriber and the perks that come with it.


Subscribe for free on our PUSHBULLET CHANNEL.

The Miata 25th Anniversary, Party Like It’s 1991!

We love this video that was posted by this obscured YouTube channel simply called PRODUCT.

InsideCarsNews had this funny quote about the video.

“Embrace the prejudice is precisely what this YouTube user did, as he celebrated the Miata’s 25th anniversary with a rather cheeky review of the 1991 Miata. However, in this review he made no mention of its wheezy 1.6-liter, 116-horsepower engine, 2,182-pound curb weight, and microscopic 3.6 cubic feet of cargo room; nope, he went a completely different angle with its signature rust strip, “original” leather interior, and pedestrian-massacring pop-up headlights. Oh yeah, it’s a classic…”

Danny George and Friends [DGAF] Episode 6 – Never Give Up

Danny George will always be our homeboy! Check out this video of him at Formula D Round 2 in GA. Also make sure to peep his website WhosDannyGeorge.com and support. #TheDailyMM

Slammed Miata Street Drifting – Get’nit! w/ Jebb Lee

Great vid of Jebb Lee doing work with his Miata. Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel. #TheDailyMM // #MazdaMovement

Ethan Low will compete in Sunset 300 on June 7th, 2014

Ethan Low has teamed up with SpeedWorks Racing and will be competing in the upcoming FARA event: Sunset 300 on June 7th, 2014. This event takes place at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The race is scheduled for 6-10pm. We will keep you informed via Ethan’s FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Coverage will be provided by SpiralDust Media, Inc.

Ethan’s promotional management team at SpiralDust Media and videographer Michael Sarricchio produced this 2 1/2 minute video designed to help racing partners get to know Ethan Low.

Check out EthanLowRacing.com for more info.

If you are interested in exposure for your professional race car team or driver, contact Heath Patterson from SpiralDust Media, Inc at Heath@SpiralDustMedia.com or call 321-578-7670.

Danger Danger.. High Voltage!

Gramercy Park Studios produced this quite interesting video showing off the 2014 #Mazda3 “Lane Departure Warning System” by giving the driver a jolt of electricity if he went off course. Very clever indeed.

TheDailyMM #VLOG // 2-14-2014

A special thanks for viewing our very 1st G+ “OnAirHangout”.

Check out our 1st G+ “HangOutOnAir” // 2-13-14

Our Guest Marlon Sumlin from MOCO (MazdaOwners Corral Operations) couldn’t make it so our friend Luc Jallois and Ray Miller joined in to give Mr.MazdaMovement a helping hand.

We discussed how MazdaMovement got started and how we use “Social Media Marketing”  to connect Mazda enthusiasts all over the world using the lastest applications.

Chris Valdez’s Flip Light Miata

1967 Mazda Cosmo L10A Japanese Commercial