Mazda Gets the Most Improved Non-Premium Brand Honors!

Mazda is on fire!! Being the brand to beat in 2014, Mazda really has taken off this past 2 years and the future is bright. Being recognized by J.D. Power as the most improved Non-Premium brand.

“One of the main principles in our DNA is ‘Kaizen’, which is a Japanese term that means ‘continuous improvement through wisdom and ingenuity,’ said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO. “Mazda’s improvement in this year’s 2014 J.D. Power APEAL study shows that our continued focus on improving vehicles through ongoing evaluations and customer feedback is changing their opinion of the brand, and for the better. Customers are more satisfied with their new Mazda than ever before.”


Image by: MotorTrend

Mazda’s road to the Brickyard Grand Prix has been full of twists and turns.


Both SKYACTIV-D prototypes ran trouble-free in 9th and 10th tonight. With 2 pit stops each, for fuel, tires, and driver changes. They will be at it again in a couple of weeks at Road America.

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#LongLiveTheRoadster | Mazda USA

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Danny George and Friends [DGAF] Episode 6 – Never Give Up

Danny George will always be our homeboy! Check out this video of him at Formula D Round 2 in GA. Also make sure to peep his website and support. #TheDailyMM

Slammed Miata Street Drifting – Get’nit! w/ Jebb Lee

Great vid of Jebb Lee doing work with his Miata. Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel. #TheDailyMM // #MazdaMovement

Ethan Low’s Race Blog from FARA Sunset 300

Story by: Ethan Low

Miami FARA Sunset 300
Man, this weekend was awesome! Jeremy Klein and I qualified the Mazda Miata SpeedWorks Racing third place in our class for the FARA Sunset 300 at the Miami- Homestead Speedway.
When I went to the grid, I couldn’t believe how many fans came out to support me and wanted my Hero Card (a card that has a mini biography of the racer and the names of their sponsors) autographed!


The race lasted from 6-10pm. I started it by driving the first part (2 ½ hrs.) and Jeremy finished the remainder. By the time I reached turn one, I was in first place. Since we started behind the “big bore cars” (faster cars), I had to carefully weave my way through them in the turns since my car didn’t have as much horsepower as them.
As the race continued, the big bore cars started to pull away on the straights, stretching the gap because of their motors. With a little help of double yellows, I started to pull a lap and a half lead. As I passed the car off to my teammate, we were a lap ahead of everyone else! Jeremy held our position strong but unfortunately we got a double yellow when the pace car got in front of us and gave the driver in 2nd place a chance to catch up with 30 minutes left in the race. In the end, the other team passed us and took the win (congrats to them) and we took 2nd in our class and 15th out of 60+ cars total!

I am thankful to MazdaMovement and SpiralDust Media for promoting and preparing me for social media/interviews, Spirit Bands for the useful and supporting promotional products, Bell Helmets USA for keeping me safe while I drive, K&M Logistics, and SpeedWorks Racing for providing me one of the best cars I’ve ever raced. If you’re looking to get into or to rent a car, contact SpeedWorks Racing at (561) 441-1044. To get the latest updates on EthanLowRacing, follow me on Twitter: EthanLowRacing, Instagram: EthanlowRacing, FaceBook: EthanLowRacing or visit my website:

Check out this video of me in the 1st 4 mins and watch me eat up the traffic and pass a bunch of high horsepowered cars!

Ethan Low will compete in Sunset 300 on June 7th, 2014

Ethan Low has teamed up with SpeedWorks Racing and will be competing in the upcoming FARA event: Sunset 300 on June 7th, 2014. This event takes place at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The race is scheduled for 6-10pm. We will keep you informed via Ethan’s FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Coverage will be provided by SpiralDust Media, Inc.

Ethan’s promotional management team at SpiralDust Media and videographer Michael Sarricchio produced this 2 1/2 minute video designed to help racing partners get to know Ethan Low.

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If you are interested in exposure for your professional race car team or driver, contact Heath Patterson from SpiralDust Media, Inc at or call 321-578-7670.

Ethan Low’s Passion goes Beyond Racing


Story by: Brynn Lipira @SpiralDustMedia

Sunday, May 25th, I had the pleasure of getting to know an aspiring driver, Ethan Low. Ethan competed in the ChumpCar Sunday, May 25th with Dan Partelo Race Team called and I had the pleasure of getting to know Ethan at the Chump World Series at Daytona International Speedway. This is just a small mark on his list of races as he has been in competition since age 11 and in over 100 competitions total. Ethan began karting as a fun, bonding activity with his father, Kevin Low. He is currently a high school student in Clearwater, Florida. He, like many young drivers, feels torn between school and driving. His heart truly lies behind a six-point harness but he feels the societal push of college and a corporate career. However, Ethan displays a tremendous amount of optimism regarding his professional driving career. In discussions with him, it was crystal clear that he understands just how few drivers end up going pro.
For Ethan though, it’s about the perfection he finds in driving. “It’s the perfection that drives me, it’s doing it exactly perfect that I really, really enjoy.” Watching Ethan on the track makes it all seem so easy. His cornering is just beautiful, attacking every entry and gaining perfect momentum. The highbanks at DIS are no joke, yet Ethan took every opportunity to utilize them. He continually proved his ability to find holes and fill them. In his second stint, there was a thirty second gap between him and the next position. Ethan gained that position in a matter of three laps. That’s a gap that would take other drivers between five and fifteen laps to close. In the following lap, Ethan proceeded to gain three more positions. It is obvious that Ethan Low has tremendous ability as a driver. He sees things differently than everyone else, he can see a hole as soon as it opens and has been reported to scare other drivers because he fills holes in less time than it takes other drivers to realize they’re even there.

Some other Fast Facts about Ethan Low.

– Went to the shop every day, walked from Clearwater to St. Pete if he had to, after school to do anything he could (polishing wheels, sweeping floors, etc.) to get seat time and lessons.
– “The real value of doing something is to be really good at it, if you’re the best at it, everyone’s going to want you to do it…”
– Continental next season is his goal
– Superstition/habit: Even when he gets taken out of a stint, and is told he isn’t going back in, he keeps his suit on because he wants to be ready just in case…it shows that he anticipates going back in and usually he ends up going back in.
– NEEDS MONEEYYYY to keep racing! Sponsors?

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Ethan Low’s VIR Qualifying Run!

As most know MazdaMovement has joined up with Ethan Low and this is  a great video of this 17yr olds battle with SCCA Majors Series leader Alex Bolanos to qualify at last weeks SCCA Majors at VIR.  He will be at this weekends SCCA Regionals with BSI.

Make sure to check out and you will see more of Ethan on our channels this year and 2015.

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