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Mazdaspeed 3 Car-Toon //


1987 Mazda B2200 “Probation Blues”


MazdaSpeed3 Island Style!

This “Mazda Spotlight” comes from our friend Brad Pearl and his beautiful MazdaSpeed3 from Hawaii. Brad is on our FaceBook Group page and I just had to share it.

On Nov. 19, 2010 I traded in a stock ’08 Mazda 3 for what is now a well known ’08 Crystal White Pearl MS3 from the islands of Hawaii. I first got the car bone stock with 26,xxx miles. Now it is modified to my liking. Here are pictures from our journey.

Protege Garage TIP
Ebay 3″ Catless Downpipe
Medievil RMM
Turbosmart SU BPV
Cobb AP
TWM Short Throw Shifter
KMD FP internals

Painted upper grille
Blacked out front/ white rear emblem
Debadged hatch
Door molding delete
Lime Green Painted Calipers
Green vinyl fog overlay

BC Racing Coilovers
Dominant Engineering Camber Arms Ver. 2
Racing Beat Front Endlinks
Work Varianza D3S 18×9.5/10 +0/-7
215/35/18 Federal 595

Custom camo fabric overlay on headliner, A and B pillars
Redline Goods shift boot, e-brake boot and armrest cover
9K Racing Shift Knob
Alpine IVA W205 In-Dash DVD Player

Bone stock from the dealership

With RX8 wheels

Lowered on my first set of coilovers I got cheap (Tein Basics) with the new to me Advans

Still on the Tein Basics with the painted Advans

Now on brad new BC Racing coilovers

Laid fabric over headliner and A,B pillars

At SpoCom 2011. 1st place Mazda!

With the TurboXS FMIC at WekFest 2011

And finally to my last setup and recent pictures

JDM Legends Blog » Hot Wheels RX-7

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #10 Winner!!

This week FaceBook Group winner is Samuel and his beautiful 2010 MazdaSpeed3 all the way from Mexico. Go!! “Mazda Team Mexico”. Congrats Samuel you deserve it.

Translation via “Google”:

My name is Samuel proud owner of a 2010 MazdaSpeed3 currently reside in Mexico City and the story begins in the month of June 2010 when the search began for a successor to my previous car, “Nissan Tiida Hatchback 2008” after many options me to value end up leaning on the car you never considered on my list among which “Mini Cooper S Chilli Hot 2010” & “Ford Focus ST / RS 2010.”
The car was just released here in Mexico and never took her importance as to be considered among one of my options until a friend told me about the car and said he considered it was a good option before buying a car is not lost absolutely nothing to go see him, heeding the other day I went to see him at the dealership and I immediately got on impact and then reviewing each of its components and equipment in general compared with other options in the list …
The next day I tried it and was driving when it was actually on board the car that filled all my expectations, coming from the test drive told the salesman who had seen a color very special in this car the famous “Blue Mica” and that’s how I chose the car that has given me endless satisfaction in every way.
Immediately started to look both performance parts and esthetic and thus began the development of self, as we all do not consider initially make many modifications but this is a vice infinity month left at the dealership and had the car with its “3” Protech Downpipe, “” Blow Off Valve Turbosmart “and” Cold Air Intake AEM, “being very satisfied with their performance did not plan to make more with the passage of time I start the car much more enjoyable and always with the feeling of wanting more and exterior modifications began with “Eibach Pro Kit Springs”, “VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood,” “Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts Purple”, “N> Fender Washers RG Purple” and so on.
In late March 2011 the idea of ​​starting a business in an effort to deliver the best that exists in the market for our cars and this is how it is born “AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE” company specializing in automotive performance, and imports from abroad, here really is when it begins the most important transformation of the car as the car becomes a demo of the brand.
The car began to attend various automotive events in order to publicize and disseminate the brand, attended the “PAACE AUTOMECHANIKA MEXICO SEMA SHOW 2011” being the only car of the 150 that appeared in the “Pan American Automobile Magazine in its issue # 200 Anniversary “one of the most important journals in the world automotive industry in Mexico, then part of the Car Show Event “HOT WHEELS 2011 DRIFTING MEXICO” with special recognition for AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE “endorsed by Mattel Mexico thanks to the support provided, months after the car is used by “UNIVERSAL STUDIOS MEXICO” to be shown at the launch of the “Blu Ray FAST FIVE” in the offices of Universal Studios Mexico, months later, the car is used to form part of the image of “Meguiar`s Mexico” as part of its calendar 2012 and is now a proud winner and member of “Mazda Movement”.
Currently with low Km 10.100`s is a car that undoubtedly caught the eye of many, a car that hardly goes unnoticed that much love, effort, time and patience has been built.. future changes?? honestly do not know, that will decide the time …


Mi nombre es Samuel orgulloso poseedor de un Mazdaspeed3 2010 actualmente resido en la Ciudad de Mèxico y la historia comienza en el mes de Junio del 2010 cuando empezè la bùsqueda del sucesor de mi anterior auto “Nissan Tiida Hatchback 2008” después de valuar muchas opciones me terminè inclinando por el auto que jamàs considerè en mi lista entre los cuales destacaban “Mini Cooper S Hot Chilli 2010” & “Ford Focus ST/RS 2010” .
El auto apenas se había lanzado aquì en Mèxico y nunca le tomè la importancia como para considerarlo entre una de mis opciones hasta que un amigo me hablò acerca del auto y me dijo que lo considerara que era buena opciòn y antes de comprar un auto no perdìa absolutamente nada en ir a verlo , hacièndole caso al otro dìa fuì a verlo a la concesionaria e inmediatamente me impactò y posteriormente me subì revisando cada uno de sus componentes y equipamiento en general comparàndolo con las otras opciones de la lista …
Al dìa siguiente hice la prueba de manejo y fuè cuando en realidad estaba a bordo del auto que llenaba todas mis expectativas , llegando de la prueba de manejo le comento al vendedor que habìa visto un color muy especial en este auto el conocido “Blue Mica” y asì fuè como escogì el carro que me ha brindado un sin fin de satisfacciones en todos los sentidos .
Inmediatamente empezè a buscar piezas tanto de performance como estèticas y asì comenzè con el desarrollo del auto ; como todos inicialmente no consideramos hacerle tantas modificaciones pero esto es un vicio infinito ; al mes de salido de la concesionaria ya contaba el auto con su “ 3” Protech Downpipe” , “Turbosmart Blow Off Valve” y su “AEM Cold Air Intake” , estando muy conforme con su desempeño no planeaba hacerle màs , con el paso del tiempo empiezo a disfrutar mucho màs el auto y siempre con la sensación de querer màs y màs comenzè con las modificaciones exteriores “Eibach Pro Kit Springs” , “VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood” , “Muteki SR48 Purple Lug Nuts” , “ N>RG Purple Fender Washers” etc .
A finales del mes de Marzo del 2011 surge la idea de crear una empresa con el afàn de distribuir lo mejor que exista en el mercado para nuestros autos y asi es como nace “AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE” empresa especializada en el performance automotriz e importaciones del extranjero , aquì realmente es cuando empieza la transformación màs importante del auto ya que se convierte en el auto demo de la marca .
El auto comienza a asistir a diversos eventos automotrices con la finalidad de publicitar y difundir la marca , asistiò al “PAACE AUTOMECHANIKA SEMA SHOW MEXICO 2011” siendo el ùnico carro de los màs de 150 que apareciò en la “Revista Automòvil Panamericano en su ediciòn #200 de Aniversario” una de las revistas màs importantes del mundo Automotriz en Mèxico , posteriormente formò parte del Car Show del evento “HOT WHEELS DRIFTING MEXICO 2011” con un reconocimiento especial para “AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE” avalado por Mattel Mèxico como agradecimiento al apoyo brindado , meses después el auto es utilizado por los “UNIVERSAL STUDIOS MEXICO” para ser expuesto en el lanzamiento del “Blu Ray de FAST FIVE” en las oficinas de Universal Studios Mèxico , meses màs tarde el auto es utilizado para formar parte de la imagen de “Meguiar`s Mèxico” como parte de su calendario 2012 y ahora es un orgulloso ganador y miembro de “Mazda Movement” .
Actualmente con escasos 10,100 Km`s es un auto que indiscutiblemente atrapa la mirada de muchos , un auto que difícilmente pasa desapercibido que con mucho cariño , esfuerzo , tiempo y paciencia ha sido construido ; modificaciones futuras ¿? honestamente no las sè , eso lo decidirà el tiempo …

The Making of … 1 Year 6 Month`s Later – January 2012 .


– TurboSmart DUALPORT Blow Off Valve .
– AEM Cold Air Intake .
– Protech 3″ Downpipe .
– Ultimate Racing TI-Complete Turboback Exhaust 3″ .
– DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs ITV22.
– SURE Sidewinder Turbo Inlet Pipe .


– SURE TORQ R3 Engine Mount .


– STRI Auto-Manual Turbo Timer (Voltmeter , AF Ratio) .


– Eibach Pro Kit Springs .
– Dunlop SP SPORT 2050 225/40/18 .
– ACE LM Wheels .
– Muteki SR48 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts .


– VIS RACING Carbon Fiber Hood .
– NEXTMOD-Front Lip Kit .
– NEXTMOD-Rear Lip Kit .
– Front Grill MAZDASPEED Badge .
– NR>G Purple Fender Washers .
– AP Carbon Fiber License Plate .
– Blue Al Valve Caps .
– Flat Black Mud Flaps .
– 3M Window Tint All Around 20% .


– NR>G Carbon Fiber Shift Knob .
– Takata Shoulder Pads .
– Mazdaspeed Badge .
– Sparco 4-Point SeatBelts .
– Sparco Bucket Seats .
– Sparco Strada Floor Mats .
– Sparco Mini Pads .


– Rear Bumper-Front Grill Colormatched .
– Xenon Fog Lights .
– ATE Blue DOT04 Brake Fluid .
– K&N Oil Filter .
– Red Line Synthetic Oil .
– JDM “Wakaba” .
– GO-PRO HD Camera .

Agradecimientos Especiales :
– Pro S Graphics
– Mazda Team Mexico

Y principalmente a mis familiares y amigos .


MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #8 Winner!!

This Weeks “Pic4Swag” FaceBook contest winner is Kevin Ehm’s amazing Mazda3 that has really taken the fitment scene by storm. Congratulations Kevin!!!

Attention Grabber.

Out in East Hampton, New York, the kind of rides you’re likely to find during the vacation seasons are ferrari’s and lamborghini’s. For the all-year-round locals, lifted trucks and Jeeps are the way to go. But for Kevin Ehm, he’s taken a liking to something very different but very simple: get as close to the earth as he possibly can. Kevin Ehm has gone a very long way since he started experimenting with his suspension in his 2006 Mazda3i sedan just a little over a year ago. And within that year, he’s gone through 3 different suspension setups and bought about 10 sets of wheels. Yes, 10.

A consequence of lowering the car as far as it can go is that mind-blowing amount of camber in the rear. There has been some controversy of that rear camber and while others are rooting him on, there are an army of people that aren’t too fond of it. What people don’t realize is that this Mazda is his travel car, he has never had any tire issues, and his front bumper has always been intact. You can’t really say that for a lot of people in this scene, now can you?

The Mazda is sitting low on CST Zero1’s. 18×9.5 +15 in the front and 18×9.5 -37 in the rear. If you’re wondering about the camber, it’s about -4 in the front and -12 in the rear, although he’s never actually gotten them precisely measured.

This car is definitely a car that will turn heads and break necks. It’s the car that makes people roll down their windows while driving and hit record on their phones. It’s the car that make people walk by it in the middle of the parking lot in awe (and it gets a little awkward when we’re sitting in it). Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a car that breaks boundaries and refuse to conformity. It’s the result of endless amount of time, effort, and money. And what true car enthusiast can’t respect that?

What makes a clean vehicle? One that has one outrageous wow-factor and the rest is kept simple and clean. Kevin’s subtle modification include custom-made springs and cartridges, intake, sr-s exhaust, advanced timing, grounded throttle body, s-model exterior work, and some interior work that include a quick release steering wheel and custom fabric panels and pillars.

If you’re scratching your head as to how Kevin was able to pull of this fitment with a base model sedan, then you’ll really be wondering next season. Plans are underway for an even more outrageous set up (and outrageous numbers). But never doubt that Kevin will not be able to pull it off, as every time he’s planned on a certain offset, it’s become reality. Never question Kevin when it comes to math and numbers.

Until next season.

– Jess Kang

(Feel free to use any of the photos in this Flickr site featuring his Mazda)

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #6 Winner!!

This weeks “Pic4Swag” Winner is Jonathan Herrera and he is our FaceBook Group winner Week#6. His pic was chosen because it shows the passion and dedication behind his MazdaMovement. Great job Jonathan and this is his story!!

Hello, my name is Jonathan Herrera. My Mazdaspeed 3 was born in August 2006. Champ Car Atlantic Series powered by Mazda originally owned the car. It was used as the Official Pace Car for the Bank Atlantic series prior to the 2008 series.

They custom fabricated a full roll cage from the trunk to inside the dashboard and removed everything in the trunk and also the backseats. They then fabricated a rear seat filler painted to match the body (True Red). They also wired up four front strobe lights, one light bar in the rear, and two more strobes in the back lights for the Pace car role my car played. My car was also signed by Johnny Unser, A famous race car driver from the Indy 500 series.

ChampCar was then absorbed by Indy Racing League in 2008. The Atlantic Series continued for 2 more years. There was a lawsuit that completely shut down the Atlantic Series so all of the cars, including the ChampCar Official Pace Cars, were auctioned off. During this auction, a guy named Scott, a contract employee for ChampCar World Series as an official, bought the car with around 3000 miles on it. The car was garage kept until he went to Champion Porsche at the beginning of 2011 and traded in the Mazdaspeed 3 for a Porsche.

This is where I came along after a long search for a car. I looked at everything; from Subaru’s to the Mazdaspeeds. My dad has bought several cars from Champion Porsche over the course of 11 years. We came across this Mazdaspeed 3 Official Pace Car on their website. I then started to do TONS of research on Mazdaspeed 3s and this one in general. This car was something I really liked because my family and I go to the track all the time; whether it is Palm Beach International Raceway, Sebring, Homestead, and more. It served a nice purpose because of the modifications that were done. We then went and bought the Mazdaspeed 3 a couple of weeks after we found it online. Since then, I’ve done a lot of modifications and have gone to many track and auto x events. The car has been very good to me.

I’ve met many new friends since I’ve gotten my Mazda. I met my “brother” Pace Car that was also used in the same series as me (Mazdaspeed 6). I also go to meets almost every week, whether it’s an Exotic car meet with friends or a Mazda meet. I always get a lot of questions about my car. The Mazda community is like no other.

I want to give shout outs to my Dad for making all this happen, my Mom, Wyatt at StreetUnit, Sharaz at Champion Porsche, Heath for bringing us Mazda guys even more in a group with Mazda Movement, and Juan at Turbo Wax for making my car so shiny!!! Thanks everyone!

Here’s my Modifications;

-3m DI-NOC 1080 Carbon Fiber roof/gas tank/toe hook cover
-Full Pace Car Flash Kit – 4 in front, 2 in back, 1 light
bar in rear window
-Rally Armor mud flaps
-Front fog yellow vinyl
-Painted red calipers
-Rear windshield wiper delete
-Custom black emblems
-HD front lip
-Stubby Antenna
-Removed side moldings
-Rolled Fenders
-Tinted Side windows and back window with cutout for Pace Car Light Bar
-Custom Miami Heat license plate with custom lettering

-2 Crowe Enterprises 5 point Harnesses
-Full Custom Roll Cage – Built in house at the
ChampCar World Series Garage
-Custom Rear Seat Filler – Fabricated in the ChampCar World Series Garage
-Prosport Boost Gauge in Airco vent
-Carbon Fiber Mazdaspeed Rear view mirror cover
-Valentine 1 Radar detecter

-Mazdaspeed Coilovers
-Mazdaspeed Camber Kit

-BBS RG-R – One Piece Die Forged Aluminum
-SURE Motorsports TVS Caps – Ignition Red.

Power Performance Mods
-F5 Fujita Cold Air Intake System
-CorkSport Racing Down Pipe
-Mazdaspeed Cat Back Exhaust System
-SURE Motorsports Torq R3 RMM (Street Urethane)
-4 Sport Stop Brake Rotors
-COBB AP Stage 2
-KMD HPFP Internals
-SURE Motorsports Sidewinder (Turbo Inlet Pipe)

MazdaMovement Meeps “AntiFreeze” Feature Ride

Mazdaspeed 6 aka Antifreeze!

My passion for Mazda began with my first car and my first Mazda, it was a 1988 Mazda MX-8 that was beat to crap with no interior door panels and a broken door handle. After all that car problems that I went through I picked up a few other random cars before I got behind the wheel of another Mazda. Shortly after joining the military I purchased a silver 2007 Mazda 6, that I absolutely fell in love with. The flow of the body lines were so appealing to the eye with the headlights and tail lights. I have always been into cars but I was never fortunate enough to enjoy the performance aspect of cars. So I figured id look into seeing how I could make my Mazda a little faster. And after searching around on the web it hit me, I found the AWD, Turbo version of my car. At that point I began to kick myself in the ass for not doing my homework prior to buying my regular Mazda 6. O well, because about a year later I got deployed and realized that I had the perfect chance to trade mine in on something a little better.

During my deployment I spent 98% of my free time searching around for the best car for under 20k, I had guidelines for my search though. The car must be new-ish, Turbo or easily turbod, manual transmission of course and not FWD. Sounds easy enough right? Not at all, in that year I looked at everything from early Audi S4’s (the V6 Biturbo) Audi A4’s, 350z’s, M3’s, BMW 335i’s, and numerous other makes and models. Around the end of the deployment I realized that sooner or later I would have to make a decision, so with about a month left I found a 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 for sale about 3 hours away from where I lived in Texas and I contacted him and offered to put a deposit on the car for him to hold it for me until I was able to pick it up. The entire time I was on the phone with the car salesman I was on the Street Unit website putting parts into my cart and making sure I didn’t forget anything. So once I got off the phone with the salesman I instantly called over to Street Unit and spoke with Shane to start a nice relationship by ordering a decent amount of parts to get things started when I got home.

Fast forward about 3 weeks, I am now back in Texas and i get to my friends house that I had all of my parts sent to and when I walk into the house this is what I laid my eyes on-

I was pretty stoked to walk in and see all of that but that was only the tip of the iceburg. So me and a good friend of mine who also owned a Mazdaspeed 6 started our trip to the dealership to pick up my new car. We pulled into the lot and instantly noticed her sitting out all clean and pretty looking. 🙂

Got on the road to head back and I noticed a weird sound coming from under the hood, pulled over and noticed the clutch on the A/C compressor wasnt working, which in turn means no A/C. Doesnt sound too bad accept I was in Texas in the middle of the summer. It was about 110*, we got stuck in about 3 extra hours of traffic, on the highway, with black leather seats, in the heat, with no A/C. So to say the least it was really freeking hot. Once we got away from the traffic jam we got onto it pretty hard on the highway and we got pulled over, not once but twice. The first time we were doing about 130 or so and he clocked us at 95 in a 65. got out tickets and went on our way. Then we got pulled over for going to slow, amazing how that works right?

The next day the car and all of my parts got dropped off at the shop for install, BC Coilovers, Magnaflow cat back exhaust, CP-E intake and of course 3 mandatory upgrades for any Speed 6 owner.

Here is a pic from teh day I brought it back from the show after the work.

A few days later I got to install my CX Racing front mount intercooler, that didnt go as planned to say the least. There is a few spots that need trimmed down or removed in order for the pipes to fit and in the process of doing so we stabbed a hole into the radiator causing antifreeze to leak everywhere giving my car her name “Antifreeze” it seemed appropriate.

The next day we had it towed to the shop to fix the radiator. :/

After all of that was taken care of it was a very rapid process from there on out for me to where the car sits today. I was in the shop and on the phone with Shane almost every other day for the next few weeks. There was a weekly meet in town that had about 50 or so cars every week. We were usually the only Mazda pepes there but we made friends with two others who became good friends pretty fast due to our common passion. We traveled everywhere as a pack and always working on someones car, this is what it looked like every single day at the house.

We went out and did a few photo shoots with them and just shared the love for Mazdas, here are a few pics we did.

One thing lead to another and my friend with the other Speed 6 ended up trading his in for a 2011 Speed 3, so since he had aftermarket wheels on his Speed 6 that ment that the wheels off of the new car needed a home 🙂 Thats where i come in,

I instantly fell in love and most everyone else did as well.

My time in Texas was up and I had to begin a trip across the country, I made it to my first stop in St. Louis where for the first few days everything was fine, then the belt snapped causing the A/C compressor to sieze up. There go another few days because a new one is almsot 1000$ so finding a used one was tricky but we got it sorted out. The car then made it from there to Maryland with no issues So everything has held up just fine and no major issues with the car at all. All i need now is some new wheels to set everything off 🙂

I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures so far.

ATP 3” Catless downpipe

Magnaflow 3” Catback exhaust
Dnp Turbo Manifold
Cobb Turbo Inlet Hose
CX Racing FMIC
TWM STG 2 Short Shift Kit
ACT Clutch and LW Flywheel
Autotech Fuel Pump Internals
BC Coilovers
Drilled and Slotted Rotors + Hawk HPS pads, front and back
SURE Motorsports Dreadnaught, Juggernaught, Torq R6
Built with heart and blood 🙂
COBB AP Custom Tune

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #2 Winner

This beautiful 2008 MazdaSpeed3 comes from our “Pic4Swag” Winner Week#2 and she is a beauty. Alan has put some passion into his Mazda and it shows. Thanks Alan for showing your vision and passion for MazdaMovement.

My name is Alan Jackson (no relation to the country singer). I am 23 years old, and I am two classes short of graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler with my degree in Industrial Technology. I love to snowboard (which is weird since I live in Texas), and I also love road trips and working on mine and my friends cars. I guess you could say that I am part of the “hellafunctional” crowd as I am looking to get into autox and road racing in the very near future. My first vehicle was a 1995 F-150 that got me through high school, and then I moved on to a 2007 Pontiac G5. I hated the G5 as it was boring and felt bland to drive. In June of 2009, I bought my 2008 Metro Gray MS3 used with 17,000 miles on the clock after a friend/coworker suggested I go look at it. I test drove it and bought it a week later. I have loved every minute of driving since then.

It didn’t take me long to start upgrading and I didn’t let the fact that I had absolutely no mechanical experience hinder my progression. My first mod was the Cobb short ram intake purchased and installed by me in August, followed soon by the Cobb turbo inlet pipe in October.

It turns out that once you have been bit by the mod bug, you cannot stop modding…
For Christmas I got some Prosport gauges and a CPE triple gauge pod. I learned how to wire and installed the gauges before new years.

I got a Grassroots Motorsports magazine for Christmas as well and while flipping through the pages I found the wheels that I had been looking for in a Tire rack add. I had been wanting some 18×8 light weight racing wheels but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them. The Kosei K1 TS wheels that I found in that add were the solution. I immediately put my four-wheeler up for sale in order to pay for the wheels. It sold quickly and I was on the phone with Tire rack before the four-wheeler was out of the driveway. It turns out that the wheels were on clearance because it was the last set of 18×8 Kosei K1 Ts’s they had or would be able to get in that size so I got them.

They were very light and I decided to have them powder-coated semi-gloss black.

The car looked great but I began to find myself wanting more power. So I ordered a Corksport testpipe and their rear motor mount inserts but it still wasn’t quite enough.

In July of 2010, I bought the Cobb Accessport and started learning how to tune. Many thanks to the people on for their help in that department. I began tuning myself in august and by the first of September I had gutted my factory downpipe and started running a bit more aggressive tune. The car ran great for a while, especially considering the only money I had spent on power was for the intake, testpipe, and the Cobb AP. However, it was short lived. As it started getting colder, my fuel pump started to give up the ghost and I decided to play it safe and backed off the power some until I could get a CPE fuel pump upgrade. After getting the CPE hpfp, I decided to let Dustin Jones (PERM Tuning) take over the tuning for me. I thought my car was fast before, but boy was I wrong. Best mod you can buy is a PERM tune, hands down.

Now, having owned the car for a year and a half and having put 43,000 miles on it, my suspension had taken about all the abuse it could. It was beginning to make a lot of noise and ride really rough. So… upgrade…

I purchased the BC racing coilovers and a James Barone Rear Sway bar in February of 2011 and my dad and I stayed up late and installed them one night after work. This was the mod that brought the whole car together.

I had Texas Track Works (formerly Pro Tuning Performance) do the alignment. They did an excellent job, and I highly recommend them.

As the weather began to get warmer, the car began to lose a little bit of its pep. I decided to add a little water/meth injection to help keep the BAT’s down over the summer. What a difference that made! The car became a whole different animal.

As I went through the summer, I had now owned the car for a little more than 2 years and I had done right about 69k miles. It’s July, and I decided to go on a road trip to Missouri to meet up with Nator Missouri guys for a dyno tuning day. Dustin flew in and tuned up a bunch of cars and we all had a lot of fun.

But this is where I found out that my turbo with nearly 70kmiles was done making power. Running a catless exhaust with intake and water/meth injection, I only made 250whp on the same dyno that intake only cars were making 270whp. The low amount of power plus the smoke that boiled out after getting off the dyno was the push I needed to upgrade the turbo.

Enter the GTX3071r!!



A bunch of my fellow Mazda enthusiast/friends and I spent a Saturday installing that bad boy.

It was a fun experience and we had a good time with only a few minor set backs.

To go with the turbo, I picked up a CNT catless downpipe and a Hallman Pro MBC.

My friend Nathan is currently letting me borrow his Corksport top mount intercooler until I get my custom front mount setup installed. And I also picked up a prototype PERM Tuning 3.5” intake (which will be getting powder-coated soon). In order to throw a little color in the engine bay I got a candy blue powder-coated valve cover and a wrinkle black ported and polished VTCS delete intake manifold.

This brings us to the current setup as it sits today. With 78kmiles and surprisingly excellent compression, the car is making around 400whp. It is currently on the stock motor and the original clutch but there is definitely a built motor in the cars future.

Now that traction is a major issue, I’m looking at getting a different wheel/tire setup. I will probably be going with a 17×9 rpf1 and I’ll be trying to squeeze in some 255/40/17 tires. Also, I will soon be adding a full 3” exhaust and a front mount intercooler along with an aftermarket exhaust manifold to “complete” it. But as anyone who modifies their car knows, it will never be “complete”.

This car has taken me so far in the last two and a half years. I look back and I cannot believe how much I have learned, or how many friends I have made along the way.

For instance, I got to meet Mario Andretti at a car show.

I also got to help represent MSF at the Royal Purple sponsored Forum Wars

And I’ve made friends across the country.

I guess my Mazdaspeed 3 has been a little bit more than a car for me. It has been a journey.

Thanks for reading, and I would also like to thank my friends for all the help they have given. Nate for letting me borrow your intercooler (which you will get back soon) and your tools (which you will never get back), Dave for driving up from San Antonio to help install a turbo (that’s a 5.5hr drive incase anyone is wondering), Romel and Kyle for taking killer pics of my car, and finally, Dustin for the amazing amount of effort you put out to help advance the platform and still manage to find time to tune my car. Lastly, I would like to thank Mazdamovement for bringing the mazda community together and helping us to share our passion for mazda with the world.

-Alan Jackson

Current MOD List:
ATP GTX3071r turbo
PERM Tuning 3.5” Intake
CNT catless Downpipe
Ported & Polished Intake Manifold with VTCS Delete
CPE Safe Seal Injector Seals
CPE Center Gauge Pod
Prosport Gauges
Corksport TMIC
Streetunit EGR delete
BC racing Coilovers
SPC Rear Camber arms
JBarone Racing Rear Sway Bar
Cobb XLE Bypass Valve (thanks to and JP at Edgeautosports)
Cobb Accessport
And a whole lot of sweat and blood.

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #1 Winner!

Alex was MazdaMovement’s “Pic4Swag” contest winner for Week #1: Here is a nice write up on his car and his passion for MazdaMovement. Great Job Alex!!

My name’s Alex Roszko, I’m 23 years old. I’m a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos. I’m majoring in Geography. I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m proud to be from Texas, as most Texans are. I’ve skateboarded for 10 years, played drums for 6, and been an avid music fan since day one. I hate math, love Dr. Pepper. Before I owned my MS3, I owned a lifted 1997 Z71 pick-up and a 2000 VW Jetta. Both had incredible sound systems, but I didn’t start really getting into cars until May 6th, 2009.

I bought my 2009 Mazdaspeed3 brand new with 72mi on the odometer on May 6th, 2009 in Houston, TX (my hometown).

A month after I bought it, I took a road trip for a month to all the national parks in the western US with on of my good friends. Everything was packed in my car, enough food, clothes, and supplies to camp in the great outdoors for a month. My car was totally stock. By the time I got home from the best time of my life thus far, my car, Gandalf, had 6,000mi on it. 2 months, 6,000mi. (Pictures of my car on the road trip, stock as a rock).

In November 2009 I bought a Cobb SRI and Turbosmart BOV. A few days after install I bent a rod and my car was in the shop for a month. They replaced the long block and I finally had her back in my hands. The modding continued; SRI and BOV went back in, along with a TWM Short Shifter and SU Solid Shifter Bushings. More things followed like a HKS Turbo Timer and SU Rear Motor Mount.

May of 2010 I bought BC Coilovers. I slammed my car on stock rims, I loved the new improved handling and road-feel. About a month later, I was ready for wheels. I purchased Hyper Black Rota Grids, 18×9.5 +38 I also ordered a set of Work lugs to make it pop! (Pictures of the wheels in box with my Work lug nuts)

I made an educated guess on the tire size, I got 235/40/18. I took everything to a shop some friends owned called 786 Motoring. They spent 7 hours rolling/pulling/rolling/pulling/cutting/pulling/dremmeling/etc. to try to get these bad boys to fit with running as little camber as possible. They finally got them to fit, but I came to realize the tires were too big. I rubbed on every bump, even the rear tires rubbed on acceleration. (Pictures with 235/40 mounted)

I immediately bought new tires, a friend recommended 215/35/18’s, so I trusted his judgement and went with it. They were way too small. (Pictures with 215/35 mounted)

I turned around, sold those tires and bought some right in the middle, 225/40/18. Perfect. NO rubbing, NO problems. (Pictures with 225/40 mounted)

I didn’t do many mods after I did the wheels and suspension, but I finally got some money back and got a CX Racing FMIC and a Cobb Accessport, 2 mods I’ve been dying for. I loved them, and the improved performance was noticeable. I also changed the lugs to Mutegi SR-35’s in the neochrome flavor. Shortly after all of this I did a photoshoot with a member (BillLee) on a local Houston forum. He did a great job, made my car look expensive! (Photos by BillLee with said mods)

Another dry period followed of not much modding until I had some more money. Next was a CNT Catless TBE, Cobb Turbo Inlet Pipe, PTP Fuel Pump Internals and a badass street tune by my friends at South Side Performance (SSP) in Houston. This is where my car sits now. 320whp/360wtq, holding 21psi to redline, 53,000mi, all while sitting mighty pretty. (Pictures of my car in its current state with all mods listed)

A HUGE thanks to my Dad for supporting me with my passion for cars. Thanks to my friends who have kept me excited and lent their wrenchin’ hands on many occasions. Thanks to for the overload of useful information, and its fiery, yet knowledgable members. Thanks to Texas State Gearheads for being a great community of car enthusiasts and friends. Another huge thanks to David, Tim and Eric of South Side Performance in Houston. David is a Mazda mastermind, best tech in the business. I won’t be taking my car anywhere else. They’re also Evo/GT-R/STi/Anycar experts. Highly recommended. Last, but not least, thanks to MazdaMovement for all the awesome efforts to get the Mazda community noticed and gain the credit they deserve!

– Alex Roszko

Cobb SRI
Turbosmart Dualport BOV
TWM Short Shifter
HKS Turbo Timer
StreetUnit RMM
BC Coilovers
Rota Grids 18×9.5 +38 (Hyper Black)
Cobb Accessport
CX Racing FMIC
CNT Catless DP
Cobb TIP
PTP Fuel Internals
6k HIDs
SU Solid Shifter Bushings
Red Stuff Brake pads
Mutegi SR-35 Neochrome lugs
Lamin-X Yellow Fog Overlays
Braided SS Brake Lines

Alpine Type-S Door Speakers
Alpine Type-R 10″ Sub
Rockford Fosgate P5002 Amp

Sway Bars