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Ian Racing Mazda 6 Starting Engine

“One” 6Crew

D-Stance Mazdaspeed 6

D-Stance Mazdaspeed 6 from KSP-PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

MazdaMovement Meet // Jan 29th 3-9pm // Rolling Hills,IL

Come join MazdaMovement Jan 29!

SpiralDust Films presents “MazdaMovement”

Check out this great MazdaMovement video by SpiralDust Films. It’s just the first of many great event videos to come!

Video Overview of the Mazda Stand at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show / 東京モーターショー2011

Mazda6 hatch chopped? Mazda says YES!


MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #4 Winner!!

This weeks “Pic4Swag” winner is a Beast! Check out his ongoing MazdaMovement story…

Whats up, My name is Justin Whitted, I’m 30 years old and currently work for the US Armed Forces. I’m the owner and builder of the Mazda 6 that most people know as Punisher 6.

parking garage shoot-21

My car didn’t always look like this. In fact when I first purchased the car. It was because I needed a daily driver while I built my other project car which just so happened to be a Custom Turbocharged 400hp ford escort. I wasn’t actually shopping for a Mazda 6 at the time. I was looking for a TL. Although I have always liked a lot of what Mazda in general had to offer since the RX-7. I wasn’t officially looking to get one. But during my car search I saw this white 6 (which wasn’t even the sport model) and I liked the look of it. Without knowing that there was basically no aftermarket for the car I brought it still (Because I wasn’t looking to mod the 6 anyway). This was back in 2006 when I brought the 6 used with a little over 13k worth of miles on it. So over the first couple years I did an intake and a custom straight pipe axle-back exhaust and threw some rims on it and that was pretty much it at the time.

Early 2008, I wrecked the Escort I was building. So some months went by debating a rebuild of it, but finally decided to move on. But any enthusiast knows that once you have felt power, you can’t turn back. Prior to crashing the Escort I had joined a couple Mazda forums that I had become active on quite a bit. Sharing my general knowledge of cars outside that of the 6. (,, to name a few)

So I decided to start working on the 6. During the time of being on the boards I noticed that there wasn’t much of an aftermarket for the 6 when it came to performance. So I knew it was going to be a long road, just like with the Escort. I started off with the thoughts of keeping the car NA and doing a big NA build but once I did everything possible in keeping it all motor. I decided I wasn’t happy and decided to boost it. This required me to set ou on my own and get a bunch of things made that I knew I would need. Things like a viable tuning solution, LSD, engine mounts and etc. to help put this newfound power to the pavement once I boosted.

I Coordinated with Team M-Factory to get a forged helical LSD made specifically for the V6 Mazda 6 transmission. As well as worked with an Australian company known as “Automotive Control” to come up with a tuning solution for the 6, known as Powermod. With this now in play I began my build. Originally, was going to do a single turbo setup, I met a guy in New Jersey who had been dealing with the 6 prior to me who started a Twin Turbo project. Things never got fully up and running so I took over and made a bunch of changes and made it work the way it was supposed to. You can go here to view my build thread

Basically through a lot of hard work, dedication to the project I officially debuted my car in its Twin Turbo skin on August 1st 2009. Since then I have kept upping the bar in my build ever chance I got. From a fully custom interior done by Gillin Custom Design ( ) to working hard and networking with many companies throughout the time getting many new parts made for the 6 community. My car has been showcased on AWR Racings website:
And my car is currently sponsored by Prosport Gauges, Gillin Custom Design, and Nitrous Express. These companies have some of the best products, talent and service in the market. And I only put the best in my car.
My ultimate goal for my car is to let people know that the RX-7 is not the only Mazda that is capable of being legendary. When its all said and done. I want People to remember the name “Punisher 6” and know that the car was and still is no joke and is indeed the real deal and not a unicorn. Another goal for my car is going to be achieved in 2012 when I drop in my fully built motor and go for 600whp on njust boost and 700+whp on the bottle using one of Nitrous Express awesome Proton Fly By Wire Systems. It’s going to be a big year for my car and myself. So please stay tuned for more moves in 2012.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors for working with me and allowing me and my vehicle the chance to represent you company. Gillin Custom Design, Nitrous Express and Prosport, thank you!! I would also like to thank my 6 family over on for always supporting my mission with my car and showing interest. Its much appreciated. Also, my friends and family that do the same it all means so much to me. I got some big moves coming for all my supporters in 2012. Stay tuned.

parking garage shoot-20
punisher 6 fall shoot-10_800x536
punisher 6 fall shoot-6_800x536
punisher 6 fall shoot-2_800x536
Justin Whitteds Twin Turbo Mazda 6
punisher 6 marist 328_800x537
Justin Whitteds Twin Turbo Mazda 6 NX
Justin Whitted's Twin Turbo Mazda 6
Justin Whitteds Twin Turbo Mazda 6 Interior


-Custom Twin Turbo Setup
-2 Turbonetics T3 Super 60s A/R .36
-Custom 3″ Turbo Inlets
-Custom mounted Spearco Intercooler
-Raptor BOV – vta
-Custom SS 321 Piping
-Custom 3″ Stainless Steel Exhaust
-Seimens Deka 46lbs/hr EV6 Fuel injectors
-Megan Racing M-GT Carbon Fiber Turbo Mufflers
-Vibrant Perfomance 3″ Metal Cat & 3″ Resonator
-NGK Iridium IX (TR6 – colder) gapped @ .30
-AEM Water Meth Injection System
-AEM Methanol Injection Monitoring System
-PowerMod Advanced Engine Management System
-Mustang Cobra 4v Ignition Coils
-TGNY Custom Ignition Coil Leads
-EMI Suppressors added Throughout the electrical system
-Throttle Body Coolant Bypass with T-fitting delete
-Fidanza 9 lbs. Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
-Clutchmasters FX300 Kevlar clutch
-Twisted Visionz/TGNY TCS Auto Off module
-MFactory Prototype Forged Helical LSD
-ARP Ring Gear to Differential Mounting Hardware
-Modified/Optimized EGR system modification
-AWR Lower Rear Bone Mount
-AWR Upper Transmission Mount
-AWR Passenger Side Head Mount
-N2MB WOT Box with 2-step and No-lift Shift Feature
-TWM Short Throw Shifter
-TWM Solid Shift Plate Bushings
-TWM Shift Cable Bracket
-Optimized 3.7L Throttle Body (75mm) w/ custom TB spacer “first to run the 3.7L TB”
-Lightweight Aluminum Alternator Pulley
-Fluidampr 10% Under-driven Crank Pulley
-Modified Oil Catch Can (VTA, Baffled, Filtering Medium added)
-NRG Engine Grounding Kit
-NRG Chrome Hood Dampers(modified by me)
-Rear hood weather stripping removal(for heat expelling)
-Custom Polished Aluminum Cooling Piping
-180 Degree Stant Premium Thermostat
-Nitrous Express Intercooler Spraybar
-Ported Lower intake Manifold Runners
-Ported Upper Intake Manifold (first to do it)
-Battery Relocation to Trunk
-ETC Electronic Throttle Controller

Brakes and Suspension:
-BC Racing Coilovers BR Type
-R1 Concepts slotted and drilled rotors (front and rear)
-Axxis High Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
-Racing Beat Front Sway Bar
-Racing Beat Rear Sway Bar
-AWR Adjustable Sway bar Endlinks Front
-AWR Adjustable Sway Bar Endlinks Rear
-Megan Racing H-Brace
-GT Spec Rear Trailing Arms
-Autoexe rear trunk brace
-Motul RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid (Dry Boiling Point 593 degrees F)
-Front Upper Strut Brace
-Candy Blue Powder Coated Strut Bar Mounting Plates
-Techni-Fit Blue Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit
-Techni-Fit Blue Stainless Steel Clutch Line

-Autoexe GG-02 Front Bumper, 2-toned w/ black accenting(not sold in the states)
-Cyber Full Rear Bumper (2-toned w/ black accenting)
-Cyber Side Skirts
-Car-LED Black Housing LED conversion tail lights
-The Retrofit Source: Clear Lense Bi-Xenon Projector Upgrade w/ Morimoto Mini H1 5000k bulbs
-Wire Tuck (first V6 tuck)
-Four way Brake-light Mod
-06+ Mazda 6 Black Housing Headlights
-Candy Blue Powder Coated Valve Covers
-Candy Blue Powder Coated Charge Piping
-Black headlight eyelids
-Custom Flying M Emblems
-custom under hood mirror inserts by[/URL%5D
-Door Guard deletion
-Custom Stainless Polished Engine Cover
-Custom Stainless Fuse Box Insert
-Blue LED headlight marker lights
-Chrysler Pacifica Stereo Antenna
-Aftermarket Sunroof w/ wind deflector
-Hyperwhite Headlight turn signals
-Fenders Rolled
-Custom Powdercoated and Airbrushed RX-8 wheels
-Nitto NT-05 235 40 18 Tires
-Powdercoated White Lugnuts – Inverted Style

-Full Custom Interior Done by Gillin Custom Design –[B[/URL%5D%5D (too much to list)[/B]
-Custom Steering Wheel Airbag
-Blue LED dome lights
-Sony CDX-M9900 cd/dvd/mp3 player head unit
-Sony CDX-757mx ten disk cd changer
-Kicker Solobaric L7 Subwoofer in custom ported box
-Kicker KX600.1 mono class D amplifier
-Blue LED door sill lights
-Alfa Otto Racing Reverse Glow White Gauge faces
-Stainless Steel Weighted Shift Knob (2 lbs) (Member Front1ine)
-Lotek Tri-gauge dash pod
-Glowshift Triple Gauge A-Pillar Pod
-AEM Injection Monitoring Gauge
-Prosport Performance Wideband A/F Monitor Setup (Evo Series)
-Prosport Performance Boost/Vac Gauge (Evo Series)
-Prosport Performance Oil Temp Gauge (Evo Series)
-Prosport Performance Oil Press Gauge (Evo Series)
-Prosport Performance Coolant Temp Gauge (Evo Series)
-Prosport Performance Fuel Press Gauge (Evo Series)
-Greddy Full Auto Black Turbo Timer
-Greddy Profec B Spec-2 Electronic Boost Controller

425whp @ 12psi (Have run as much as 18psi) For 2012 I will be running 25+psi with a 150shot

Future Mods :
-Fully Built Engine (Going in this winter)
Stock Forged Crank
Forged Wiesco Pistons (8:5.1 compression) w/ valve reliefs
Forged Scat H-Beam Rods
Clevite 77 Rod and Main Bearings
Machined Oil Squirters
Upgraded Oil Pump
-Clutchmasters Stage 4 Clutch
-Custom Sheet metal Intake manifold
-Nitrous Express Proton Fly By Wire Nitrous System
-Cryo Treated Transmission
-Custom Driveaxles
-Custom Traction Bars

MazdaMovement Meeps “AntiFreeze” Feature Ride

Mazdaspeed 6 aka Antifreeze!

My passion for Mazda began with my first car and my first Mazda, it was a 1988 Mazda MX-8 that was beat to crap with no interior door panels and a broken door handle. After all that car problems that I went through I picked up a few other random cars before I got behind the wheel of another Mazda. Shortly after joining the military I purchased a silver 2007 Mazda 6, that I absolutely fell in love with. The flow of the body lines were so appealing to the eye with the headlights and tail lights. I have always been into cars but I was never fortunate enough to enjoy the performance aspect of cars. So I figured id look into seeing how I could make my Mazda a little faster. And after searching around on the web it hit me, I found the AWD, Turbo version of my car. At that point I began to kick myself in the ass for not doing my homework prior to buying my regular Mazda 6. O well, because about a year later I got deployed and realized that I had the perfect chance to trade mine in on something a little better.

During my deployment I spent 98% of my free time searching around for the best car for under 20k, I had guidelines for my search though. The car must be new-ish, Turbo or easily turbod, manual transmission of course and not FWD. Sounds easy enough right? Not at all, in that year I looked at everything from early Audi S4’s (the V6 Biturbo) Audi A4’s, 350z’s, M3’s, BMW 335i’s, and numerous other makes and models. Around the end of the deployment I realized that sooner or later I would have to make a decision, so with about a month left I found a 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 for sale about 3 hours away from where I lived in Texas and I contacted him and offered to put a deposit on the car for him to hold it for me until I was able to pick it up. The entire time I was on the phone with the car salesman I was on the Street Unit website putting parts into my cart and making sure I didn’t forget anything. So once I got off the phone with the salesman I instantly called over to Street Unit and spoke with Shane to start a nice relationship by ordering a decent amount of parts to get things started when I got home.

Fast forward about 3 weeks, I am now back in Texas and i get to my friends house that I had all of my parts sent to and when I walk into the house this is what I laid my eyes on-

I was pretty stoked to walk in and see all of that but that was only the tip of the iceburg. So me and a good friend of mine who also owned a Mazdaspeed 6 started our trip to the dealership to pick up my new car. We pulled into the lot and instantly noticed her sitting out all clean and pretty looking. 🙂

Got on the road to head back and I noticed a weird sound coming from under the hood, pulled over and noticed the clutch on the A/C compressor wasnt working, which in turn means no A/C. Doesnt sound too bad accept I was in Texas in the middle of the summer. It was about 110*, we got stuck in about 3 extra hours of traffic, on the highway, with black leather seats, in the heat, with no A/C. So to say the least it was really freeking hot. Once we got away from the traffic jam we got onto it pretty hard on the highway and we got pulled over, not once but twice. The first time we were doing about 130 or so and he clocked us at 95 in a 65. got out tickets and went on our way. Then we got pulled over for going to slow, amazing how that works right?

The next day the car and all of my parts got dropped off at the shop for install, BC Coilovers, Magnaflow cat back exhaust, CP-E intake and of course 3 mandatory upgrades for any Speed 6 owner.

Here is a pic from teh day I brought it back from the show after the work.

A few days later I got to install my CX Racing front mount intercooler, that didnt go as planned to say the least. There is a few spots that need trimmed down or removed in order for the pipes to fit and in the process of doing so we stabbed a hole into the radiator causing antifreeze to leak everywhere giving my car her name “Antifreeze” it seemed appropriate.

The next day we had it towed to the shop to fix the radiator. :/

After all of that was taken care of it was a very rapid process from there on out for me to where the car sits today. I was in the shop and on the phone with Shane almost every other day for the next few weeks. There was a weekly meet in town that had about 50 or so cars every week. We were usually the only Mazda pepes there but we made friends with two others who became good friends pretty fast due to our common passion. We traveled everywhere as a pack and always working on someones car, this is what it looked like every single day at the house.

We went out and did a few photo shoots with them and just shared the love for Mazdas, here are a few pics we did.

One thing lead to another and my friend with the other Speed 6 ended up trading his in for a 2011 Speed 3, so since he had aftermarket wheels on his Speed 6 that ment that the wheels off of the new car needed a home 🙂 Thats where i come in,

I instantly fell in love and most everyone else did as well.

My time in Texas was up and I had to begin a trip across the country, I made it to my first stop in St. Louis where for the first few days everything was fine, then the belt snapped causing the A/C compressor to sieze up. There go another few days because a new one is almsot 1000$ so finding a used one was tricky but we got it sorted out. The car then made it from there to Maryland with no issues So everything has held up just fine and no major issues with the car at all. All i need now is some new wheels to set everything off 🙂

I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures so far.

ATP 3” Catless downpipe

Magnaflow 3” Catback exhaust
Dnp Turbo Manifold
Cobb Turbo Inlet Hose
CX Racing FMIC
TWM STG 2 Short Shift Kit
ACT Clutch and LW Flywheel
Autotech Fuel Pump Internals
BC Coilovers
Drilled and Slotted Rotors + Hawk HPS pads, front and back
SURE Motorsports Dreadnaught, Juggernaught, Torq R6
Built with heart and blood 🙂
COBB AP Custom Tune

Record MazdaSpeed6 run!!

Superskaterexes runs 11.61 @ 119 in his MazdaSpeed6!!!