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SpiralDust Films presents “MazdaMovement”

Check out this great MazdaMovement video by SpiralDust Films. It’s just the first of many great event videos to come!

Driven: BBR Mazda 3 MPS 320


We will take Stg 2 for a daily driver please!

Review of our MazdaMovement/Roger Beasley Mazda Track day @ H2R!!

Story and Pictures by: Alex Roszko
Hi-Rez Flickr

I woke up at the crack of dawn with very little sleep, partially because I was excited, but mostly because I’ve been sick as a dog for the past few days. I was greeted by a cold, dreary morning, which contradicted the forecast for a clear day. Two of my friends, James (350z) and Branko (EVO X SE), fellow “Texas State Gearheads”, couldn’t pass up a day of cars, free food and track time, so we decided to roll together on the very short 10-minute drive.

Early morning group picture

Ready to roll!

Harris Hill Raceway, or H2R, is an awesome raceway just outside of San Marcos, Texas. The track is 1.8mi with 11 challenging turns. H2R has several features such as great elevation changes, technical low-speed turns and broad high-speed turns. There’s even a corkscrew turn that reminded me of the famed corkscrew at Laguna Seca! That turn was intense!
We were the first to arrive at 9am, but this meant first dibs on the Krispy Kreme donuts that were graciously supplied by Roger Beasley! Our sluggish morning moods were replaced with glazed sugar and eager anticipation.

All you can eat sugar!

Felt like I was eating Christmas… it was delicious.

People steadily arrived until the event started at 10am with a 30 minute driving course. Registration, valid license and a signed waver were the only conditions in order to drive – no Mazda required!

Meetin’ and greetin’

While the first class was going on, I went to the parking lot to catch glimpses of some of the beautiful cars. Cult-tastic FD RX-7’s were everywhere! I was blown away. I love these cars so I naturally took several pictures of them.

Beautiful on the outside…

… and on the inside.

Freshly painted FD, owned by the CFO of Mazda South in Austin.

Speaks for itself

Posing all pretty-like with those CCW Classics

Meaty FD

An even more rare RX-7 was present too. There were three FC RX-7’s in attendance, and I’m pretty sure all of them were tracked.

Car and owner

Hitting the track!

One of the crowd favorites was a boosted 3 Rotor RX-8, with an engine bay cleaner than my dishes at home.

Anything but mellow…


I was called over with excitement to look at arguably the most rare car in attendance: a Mazda RX-3! I had never seen one, let alone, even known they exist! The others around me, who were older, gave this car a lot of attention and even some nostalgic rubs of affection.


It even had an exhaust!

Oldie but a goodie…

One of my personal favorites of the day was this slammed and stanced NB Miata on TE-37’s (my favorite wheel). I got few words from the owner, but after inquiring about the front mount intercooler, I was told the Miata was boosted with a K04 turbo. Shortly after arriving, he changed out his Volks for a drift set up. I became giddy at the thought of seeing this thing slinging around a corner with the turbo spooling and tires squealing.

I bet I was smiling when I took this picture

Oh my lowered…

Looked good from every angle

Drift ready.

Speaking of “slammed and stanced” cars; there were some lowered beauties lurking around the parking lot.

This black speed parked next to me, loved the color of his Works!

Good lookin’ Gen2!

Angry cars (it’s the eyelids)

If I had to guess, I’d say there were about 50-60 cars in attendance. I could post a picture of all of them individually, or I could gather the scale of the meet!

Show and tell

Red, white, yellow and black

Dealer’s cars

COBB Reppin’

After the 30-minute driving class was finished, it was time to hit the track. It worked like this – guest drivers were to line up in the paddock area and go in groups of four or five with an experienced driver who was in a pace car. The pace car would start slow in order to allow the drivers to get a feel for the track and conditions. Then the pace car would gradually go faster and faster. The max speed was said to be 50mph, but I consistently heard top speeds of 90-100mph being reached (with no complaints). There were three or four groups on the track at one time, with an average of five laps per “race”. When the drivers were done with their five laps, they were allowed to go back out as many times as they wished. It was basically free track time for two hours. A friend of mine blew almost a whole tank of gas. His car said “4 miles ‘til empty”! “Totally worth it!” he said with a laugh.

Clearing out the paddock area

31Pace cars lining up

Drivers pouring in!

Here they come

Branko and James going out in style

Meaty Miata

4 rotors in 1 picture!

Cat vs. Mouse

Object in mirror are faster than they appear

This track-prepped 2 screeeamed on the track

Some sick speeds




Wish my parents drove like this on the way to soccer practice!


LS6 Miata showing how it’s done

When the driving was done, Roger Beasley provided some delicious BBQ from Milt’s Pit BBQ out of Kyle, TX. They served brisket, sausage, potato salad, pickles, and all the sweet tea you could drink (I didn’t get any shots of the food because I was too overwhelmed, I slacked, I’m sorry).

Heaven on wheels

After lunch, a drift demonstration was held. A slightly modded 240sx, a 350z, the NB Miata and a Volvo sedan tore it up (on and OFF the track). At some point, all the cars went off the track, but they hopped back on and continued to wail around the corners. They gave ride-alongs so others got to experience the excitement, but only few braved the controlled chaos.

My friend James filming from inside the drift 350z!

Finally, the last event was a ride-along with a professional driver, or seasoned vets that knew every line and apex. My friend Arielle got the chance to ride in an LS6 swapped NA Miata! She said the adrenaline was flowing for several hours, I can’t imagine…

I rode in a seasoned Vet’s Miata for an amazing ride-along. Watch to get an idea of the whole track!

Despite the bone-chilling wind, numb hands and runny noses, H2R MazdaMovement Meet ‘n Greet 2011 was a complete and utter success. Everyone I talked to was having a blast. I met some great people, talked and learned about some fascinating vehicles and even witnessed a Mustang driver be converted to a full-on Miata worshiper! Mazda love was in the air.

View of H2R headquarters from the bottom of the track

Until next time,
– Alex Roszko

One last pic:

Roadrunner sporting Protege colors!

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #6 Winner!!

This weeks “Pic4Swag” Winner is Jonathan Herrera and he is our FaceBook Group winner Week#6. His pic was chosen because it shows the passion and dedication behind his MazdaMovement. Great job Jonathan and this is his story!!

Hello, my name is Jonathan Herrera. My Mazdaspeed 3 was born in August 2006. Champ Car Atlantic Series powered by Mazda originally owned the car. It was used as the Official Pace Car for the Bank Atlantic series prior to the 2008 series.

They custom fabricated a full roll cage from the trunk to inside the dashboard and removed everything in the trunk and also the backseats. They then fabricated a rear seat filler painted to match the body (True Red). They also wired up four front strobe lights, one light bar in the rear, and two more strobes in the back lights for the Pace car role my car played. My car was also signed by Johnny Unser, A famous race car driver from the Indy 500 series.

ChampCar was then absorbed by Indy Racing League in 2008. The Atlantic Series continued for 2 more years. There was a lawsuit that completely shut down the Atlantic Series so all of the cars, including the ChampCar Official Pace Cars, were auctioned off. During this auction, a guy named Scott, a contract employee for ChampCar World Series as an official, bought the car with around 3000 miles on it. The car was garage kept until he went to Champion Porsche at the beginning of 2011 and traded in the Mazdaspeed 3 for a Porsche.

This is where I came along after a long search for a car. I looked at everything; from Subaru’s to the Mazdaspeeds. My dad has bought several cars from Champion Porsche over the course of 11 years. We came across this Mazdaspeed 3 Official Pace Car on their website. I then started to do TONS of research on Mazdaspeed 3s and this one in general. This car was something I really liked because my family and I go to the track all the time; whether it is Palm Beach International Raceway, Sebring, Homestead, and more. It served a nice purpose because of the modifications that were done. We then went and bought the Mazdaspeed 3 a couple of weeks after we found it online. Since then, I’ve done a lot of modifications and have gone to many track and auto x events. The car has been very good to me.

I’ve met many new friends since I’ve gotten my Mazda. I met my “brother” Pace Car that was also used in the same series as me (Mazdaspeed 6). I also go to meets almost every week, whether it’s an Exotic car meet with friends or a Mazda meet. I always get a lot of questions about my car. The Mazda community is like no other.

I want to give shout outs to my Dad for making all this happen, my Mom, Wyatt at StreetUnit, Sharaz at Champion Porsche, Heath for bringing us Mazda guys even more in a group with Mazda Movement, and Juan at Turbo Wax for making my car so shiny!!! Thanks everyone!

Here’s my Modifications;

-3m DI-NOC 1080 Carbon Fiber roof/gas tank/toe hook cover
-Full Pace Car Flash Kit – 4 in front, 2 in back, 1 light
bar in rear window
-Rally Armor mud flaps
-Front fog yellow vinyl
-Painted red calipers
-Rear windshield wiper delete
-Custom black emblems
-HD front lip
-Stubby Antenna
-Removed side moldings
-Rolled Fenders
-Tinted Side windows and back window with cutout for Pace Car Light Bar
-Custom Miami Heat license plate with custom lettering

-2 Crowe Enterprises 5 point Harnesses
-Full Custom Roll Cage – Built in house at the
ChampCar World Series Garage
-Custom Rear Seat Filler – Fabricated in the ChampCar World Series Garage
-Prosport Boost Gauge in Airco vent
-Carbon Fiber Mazdaspeed Rear view mirror cover
-Valentine 1 Radar detecter

-Mazdaspeed Coilovers
-Mazdaspeed Camber Kit

-BBS RG-R – One Piece Die Forged Aluminum
-SURE Motorsports TVS Caps – Ignition Red.

Power Performance Mods
-F5 Fujita Cold Air Intake System
-CorkSport Racing Down Pipe
-Mazdaspeed Cat Back Exhaust System
-SURE Motorsports Torq R3 RMM (Street Urethane)
-4 Sport Stop Brake Rotors
-COBB AP Stage 2
-KMD HPFP Internals
-SURE Motorsports Sidewinder (Turbo Inlet Pipe)

Mazda Raceway @ Harris Hill // Ride Along!!

Ride along with MazdaMovement’s Field Photographer Alex Roszko as he documents the track with his buddys Modded 350z at Harris Hill Raceway at the MazdaMovement Meet n Greet Track Day!

We want shotgun next Alex!!!! Spring 2012 can’t come soon enough. » Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, MazdaMovement Meet ‘n Greet a Success

The reviews are in and the 1st Track day was a huge success! Want to give a big “Shout Out” to Dan Scanlon from who took the time on a cold Texas day to hang out with Terry, DJ, Jerry and David from Roger Beasley Mazda of Texas and the MazdaMovement Meeps for a fun day at Mazda Raceway


RX-7 FC drifting film!!

Great vid sent to us from Antreas Mixalis in Greece blasting out his RX-7 FC for drifting. Thanks for the share!!

Ανδρέας Μιχάλης by from racemaniagr on Vimeo.

2009 Mazda Commercial “Mazda Brand Essence”

Still a great commercial! Showing the #ZoomZoom lifestyle