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MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #8 Winner!!

This Weeks “Pic4Swag” FaceBook contest winner is Kevin Ehm’s amazing Mazda3 that has really taken the fitment scene by storm. Congratulations Kevin!!!

Attention Grabber.

Out in East Hampton, New York, the kind of rides you’re likely to find during the vacation seasons are ferrari’s and lamborghini’s. For the all-year-round locals, lifted trucks and Jeeps are the way to go. But for Kevin Ehm, he’s taken a liking to something very different but very simple: get as close to the earth as he possibly can. Kevin Ehm has gone a very long way since he started experimenting with his suspension in his 2006 Mazda3i sedan just a little over a year ago. And within that year, he’s gone through 3 different suspension setups and bought about 10 sets of wheels. Yes, 10.

A consequence of lowering the car as far as it can go is that mind-blowing amount of camber in the rear. There has been some controversy of that rear camber and while others are rooting him on, there are an army of people that aren’t too fond of it. What people don’t realize is that this Mazda is his travel car, he has never had any tire issues, and his front bumper has always been intact. You can’t really say that for a lot of people in this scene, now can you?

The Mazda is sitting low on CST Zero1’s. 18×9.5 +15 in the front and 18×9.5 -37 in the rear. If you’re wondering about the camber, it’s about -4 in the front and -12 in the rear, although he’s never actually gotten them precisely measured.

This car is definitely a car that will turn heads and break necks. It’s the car that makes people roll down their windows while driving and hit record on their phones. It’s the car that make people walk by it in the middle of the parking lot in awe (and it gets a little awkward when we’re sitting in it). Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a car that breaks boundaries and refuse to conformity. It’s the result of endless amount of time, effort, and money. And what true car enthusiast can’t respect that?

What makes a clean vehicle? One that has one outrageous wow-factor and the rest is kept simple and clean. Kevin’s subtle modification include custom-made springs and cartridges, intake, sr-s exhaust, advanced timing, grounded throttle body, s-model exterior work, and some interior work that include a quick release steering wheel and custom fabric panels and pillars.

If you’re scratching your head as to how Kevin was able to pull of this fitment with a base model sedan, then you’ll really be wondering next season. Plans are underway for an even more outrageous set up (and outrageous numbers). But never doubt that Kevin will not be able to pull it off, as every time he’s planned on a certain offset, it’s become reality. Never question Kevin when it comes to math and numbers.

Until next season.

– Jess Kang

(Feel free to use any of the photos in this Flickr site featuring his Mazda)

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MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #7 Winner!!

Since it’s purchase in March 2004, this RX-7 has undergone a complete transformation. Rescued from a curbside where it was left to rust, it was given life again.

In September 2003, Jessica moved from California to Texas. Located in her neighborhood, was this RX-7 that never moved, did not run and was rusting out. After doing a small amount of research on RX-7’s, Jessica knew she had to purchase it. In 2004, she purchased the non-running RX-7 for $800 and immediately started working on it.

The RX-7 started undergoing a complete transformation! She started collecting parts to complete the Turbo II conversion (5 lug hub swap, the turbo hood, and the Turbo II spoiler). Next came the Mariah authentic wing, a wing [no longer in production] made in the early 90’s and has been on many RX-7’s. This wing once sat on a orange Mazda RX-7 that won “Best FC in show Seven Stock 9” in 2006, which was parted out after an engine fire claimed the chassis.

In 2007 the engine and drive train came together for this RX-7. A 3 day long project, engine rebuild, engine pull, engine drop and TII drive train swap.

In 2008, the body work began. It was a year long process until the paint was finally applied to this beaten up chassis which also needed replacement panels and body filler. In 2009, this RX-7 finally received its glossy red coat. The interior was also switched out and painted black. In December of 2009, this RX-7 was awarded “Best Mazda in Show” at the “Import Face Off” event in San Antonio, TX.

With the exception of exhaust modification and intercooler fabrication, all the work has been done by Jessica Hewitt. She knows her RX-7s inside and out!

Mod list:
complete tii swap
engine rebuild with stock port
t3/t4 turbo
forge dual piston BOV
battery relocation
front mount intercooler
fuel pressure regulator
re-wired upgraded fuel pump
550/750 injectors
bdc ported throttle body
center force dual friction clutch
rteck ecu engine manigment
4 way adjustable shocks and struts w. camber
PROTHANE Suspension Bushing
glowshift wide band 02 sensor
swapped interior including seats
redline shift boot, arm rest, and ebreak boot set.
greddy profec b spect II boost controler
5 lug hub swap from 4 lug hub, with tii breaks
gp sport body kit
mariah “mode 5” early “prototype” spoiler purchased from jesse rooker
aero works dash cover w/ “jdm flavor” gauge pods
nrg leather steering wheel with cherry red inserts
nrg leather shifter nob with cf insert
aero works stereo surround

Mazda CX-5 Dash & Center Console |

Awesome vid of the CX-5 interior!!

I.L. MotorSports Spotlight!!

MX5 specialist I.L. Motorsport in Hurth Germany. I.L. Motorsport are specialized in MX5 tuning, spare parts, OEM products and provide extensive knowledge for maintaining your Mazda MX5 for both street and race performance.

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