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Record MazdaSpeed6 run!!

Superskaterexes runs 11.61 @ 119 in his MazdaSpeed6!!!


MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #2 Winner

This beautiful 2008 MazdaSpeed3 comes from our “Pic4Swag” Winner Week#2 and she is a beauty. Alan has put some passion into his Mazda and it shows. Thanks Alan for showing your vision and passion for MazdaMovement.

My name is Alan Jackson (no relation to the country singer). I am 23 years old, and I am two classes short of graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler with my degree in Industrial Technology. I love to snowboard (which is weird since I live in Texas), and I also love road trips and working on mine and my friends cars. I guess you could say that I am part of the “hellafunctional” crowd as I am looking to get into autox and road racing in the very near future. My first vehicle was a 1995 F-150 that got me through high school, and then I moved on to a 2007 Pontiac G5. I hated the G5 as it was boring and felt bland to drive. In June of 2009, I bought my 2008 Metro Gray MS3 used with 17,000 miles on the clock after a friend/coworker suggested I go look at it. I test drove it and bought it a week later. I have loved every minute of driving since then.

It didn’t take me long to start upgrading and I didn’t let the fact that I had absolutely no mechanical experience hinder my progression. My first mod was the Cobb short ram intake purchased and installed by me in August, followed soon by the Cobb turbo inlet pipe in October.

It turns out that once you have been bit by the mod bug, you cannot stop modding…
For Christmas I got some Prosport gauges and a CPE triple gauge pod. I learned how to wire and installed the gauges before new years.

I got a Grassroots Motorsports magazine for Christmas as well and while flipping through the pages I found the wheels that I had been looking for in a Tire rack add. I had been wanting some 18×8 light weight racing wheels but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them. The Kosei K1 TS wheels that I found in that add were the solution. I immediately put my four-wheeler up for sale in order to pay for the wheels. It sold quickly and I was on the phone with Tire rack before the four-wheeler was out of the driveway. It turns out that the wheels were on clearance because it was the last set of 18×8 Kosei K1 Ts’s they had or would be able to get in that size so I got them.

They were very light and I decided to have them powder-coated semi-gloss black.

The car looked great but I began to find myself wanting more power. So I ordered a Corksport testpipe and their rear motor mount inserts but it still wasn’t quite enough.

In July of 2010, I bought the Cobb Accessport and started learning how to tune. Many thanks to the people on for their help in that department. I began tuning myself in august and by the first of September I had gutted my factory downpipe and started running a bit more aggressive tune. The car ran great for a while, especially considering the only money I had spent on power was for the intake, testpipe, and the Cobb AP. However, it was short lived. As it started getting colder, my fuel pump started to give up the ghost and I decided to play it safe and backed off the power some until I could get a CPE fuel pump upgrade. After getting the CPE hpfp, I decided to let Dustin Jones (PERM Tuning) take over the tuning for me. I thought my car was fast before, but boy was I wrong. Best mod you can buy is a PERM tune, hands down.

Now, having owned the car for a year and a half and having put 43,000 miles on it, my suspension had taken about all the abuse it could. It was beginning to make a lot of noise and ride really rough. So… upgrade…

I purchased the BC racing coilovers and a James Barone Rear Sway bar in February of 2011 and my dad and I stayed up late and installed them one night after work. This was the mod that brought the whole car together.

I had Texas Track Works (formerly Pro Tuning Performance) do the alignment. They did an excellent job, and I highly recommend them.

As the weather began to get warmer, the car began to lose a little bit of its pep. I decided to add a little water/meth injection to help keep the BAT’s down over the summer. What a difference that made! The car became a whole different animal.

As I went through the summer, I had now owned the car for a little more than 2 years and I had done right about 69k miles. It’s July, and I decided to go on a road trip to Missouri to meet up with Nator Missouri guys for a dyno tuning day. Dustin flew in and tuned up a bunch of cars and we all had a lot of fun.

But this is where I found out that my turbo with nearly 70kmiles was done making power. Running a catless exhaust with intake and water/meth injection, I only made 250whp on the same dyno that intake only cars were making 270whp. The low amount of power plus the smoke that boiled out after getting off the dyno was the push I needed to upgrade the turbo.

Enter the GTX3071r!!



A bunch of my fellow Mazda enthusiast/friends and I spent a Saturday installing that bad boy.

It was a fun experience and we had a good time with only a few minor set backs.

To go with the turbo, I picked up a CNT catless downpipe and a Hallman Pro MBC.

My friend Nathan is currently letting me borrow his Corksport top mount intercooler until I get my custom front mount setup installed. And I also picked up a prototype PERM Tuning 3.5” intake (which will be getting powder-coated soon). In order to throw a little color in the engine bay I got a candy blue powder-coated valve cover and a wrinkle black ported and polished VTCS delete intake manifold.

This brings us to the current setup as it sits today. With 78kmiles and surprisingly excellent compression, the car is making around 400whp. It is currently on the stock motor and the original clutch but there is definitely a built motor in the cars future.

Now that traction is a major issue, I’m looking at getting a different wheel/tire setup. I will probably be going with a 17×9 rpf1 and I’ll be trying to squeeze in some 255/40/17 tires. Also, I will soon be adding a full 3” exhaust and a front mount intercooler along with an aftermarket exhaust manifold to “complete” it. But as anyone who modifies their car knows, it will never be “complete”.

This car has taken me so far in the last two and a half years. I look back and I cannot believe how much I have learned, or how many friends I have made along the way.

For instance, I got to meet Mario Andretti at a car show.

I also got to help represent MSF at the Royal Purple sponsored Forum Wars

And I’ve made friends across the country.

I guess my Mazdaspeed 3 has been a little bit more than a car for me. It has been a journey.

Thanks for reading, and I would also like to thank my friends for all the help they have given. Nate for letting me borrow your intercooler (which you will get back soon) and your tools (which you will never get back), Dave for driving up from San Antonio to help install a turbo (that’s a 5.5hr drive incase anyone is wondering), Romel and Kyle for taking killer pics of my car, and finally, Dustin for the amazing amount of effort you put out to help advance the platform and still manage to find time to tune my car. Lastly, I would like to thank Mazdamovement for bringing the mazda community together and helping us to share our passion for mazda with the world.

-Alan Jackson

Current MOD List:
ATP GTX3071r turbo
PERM Tuning 3.5” Intake
CNT catless Downpipe
Ported & Polished Intake Manifold with VTCS Delete
CPE Safe Seal Injector Seals
CPE Center Gauge Pod
Prosport Gauges
Corksport TMIC
Streetunit EGR delete
BC racing Coilovers
SPC Rear Camber arms
JBarone Racing Rear Sway Bar
Cobb XLE Bypass Valve (thanks to and JP at Edgeautosports)
Cobb Accessport
And a whole lot of sweat and blood.

“Driving Sports TV” review of the new CX-5

Great Review from our Pals at “Driving Sports TV”!!

MazdaMovement “Mazda Meeps Spotlight” Week #1 Winner!

Alex was MazdaMovement’s “Pic4Swag” contest winner for Week #1: Here is a nice write up on his car and his passion for MazdaMovement. Great Job Alex!!

My name’s Alex Roszko, I’m 23 years old. I’m a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos. I’m majoring in Geography. I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m proud to be from Texas, as most Texans are. I’ve skateboarded for 10 years, played drums for 6, and been an avid music fan since day one. I hate math, love Dr. Pepper. Before I owned my MS3, I owned a lifted 1997 Z71 pick-up and a 2000 VW Jetta. Both had incredible sound systems, but I didn’t start really getting into cars until May 6th, 2009.

I bought my 2009 Mazdaspeed3 brand new with 72mi on the odometer on May 6th, 2009 in Houston, TX (my hometown).

A month after I bought it, I took a road trip for a month to all the national parks in the western US with on of my good friends. Everything was packed in my car, enough food, clothes, and supplies to camp in the great outdoors for a month. My car was totally stock. By the time I got home from the best time of my life thus far, my car, Gandalf, had 6,000mi on it. 2 months, 6,000mi. (Pictures of my car on the road trip, stock as a rock).

In November 2009 I bought a Cobb SRI and Turbosmart BOV. A few days after install I bent a rod and my car was in the shop for a month. They replaced the long block and I finally had her back in my hands. The modding continued; SRI and BOV went back in, along with a TWM Short Shifter and SU Solid Shifter Bushings. More things followed like a HKS Turbo Timer and SU Rear Motor Mount.

May of 2010 I bought BC Coilovers. I slammed my car on stock rims, I loved the new improved handling and road-feel. About a month later, I was ready for wheels. I purchased Hyper Black Rota Grids, 18×9.5 +38 I also ordered a set of Work lugs to make it pop! (Pictures of the wheels in box with my Work lug nuts)

I made an educated guess on the tire size, I got 235/40/18. I took everything to a shop some friends owned called 786 Motoring. They spent 7 hours rolling/pulling/rolling/pulling/cutting/pulling/dremmeling/etc. to try to get these bad boys to fit with running as little camber as possible. They finally got them to fit, but I came to realize the tires were too big. I rubbed on every bump, even the rear tires rubbed on acceleration. (Pictures with 235/40 mounted)

I immediately bought new tires, a friend recommended 215/35/18’s, so I trusted his judgement and went with it. They were way too small. (Pictures with 215/35 mounted)

I turned around, sold those tires and bought some right in the middle, 225/40/18. Perfect. NO rubbing, NO problems. (Pictures with 225/40 mounted)

I didn’t do many mods after I did the wheels and suspension, but I finally got some money back and got a CX Racing FMIC and a Cobb Accessport, 2 mods I’ve been dying for. I loved them, and the improved performance was noticeable. I also changed the lugs to Mutegi SR-35’s in the neochrome flavor. Shortly after all of this I did a photoshoot with a member (BillLee) on a local Houston forum. He did a great job, made my car look expensive! (Photos by BillLee with said mods)

Another dry period followed of not much modding until I had some more money. Next was a CNT Catless TBE, Cobb Turbo Inlet Pipe, PTP Fuel Pump Internals and a badass street tune by my friends at South Side Performance (SSP) in Houston. This is where my car sits now. 320whp/360wtq, holding 21psi to redline, 53,000mi, all while sitting mighty pretty. (Pictures of my car in its current state with all mods listed)

A HUGE thanks to my Dad for supporting me with my passion for cars. Thanks to my friends who have kept me excited and lent their wrenchin’ hands on many occasions. Thanks to for the overload of useful information, and its fiery, yet knowledgable members. Thanks to Texas State Gearheads for being a great community of car enthusiasts and friends. Another huge thanks to David, Tim and Eric of South Side Performance in Houston. David is a Mazda mastermind, best tech in the business. I won’t be taking my car anywhere else. They’re also Evo/GT-R/STi/Anycar experts. Highly recommended. Last, but not least, thanks to MazdaMovement for all the awesome efforts to get the Mazda community noticed and gain the credit they deserve!

– Alex Roszko

Cobb SRI
Turbosmart Dualport BOV
TWM Short Shifter
HKS Turbo Timer
StreetUnit RMM
BC Coilovers
Rota Grids 18×9.5 +38 (Hyper Black)
Cobb Accessport
CX Racing FMIC
CNT Catless DP
Cobb TIP
PTP Fuel Internals
6k HIDs
SU Solid Shifter Bushings
Red Stuff Brake pads
Mutegi SR-35 Neochrome lugs
Lamin-X Yellow Fog Overlays
Braided SS Brake Lines

Alpine Type-S Door Speakers
Alpine Type-R 10″ Sub
Rockford Fosgate P5002 Amp

Sway Bars

Mazda 3 Oil Change-Legacy Customs

Passion…dedication. – Teaser

How low will u go!

BT-50 video

We just love this Australia workhorse, Mazda’s “all new” BT-50.  Since its debut this year in Australia, the latest edition to the Mazda family has proven to have  ‘ZOOM-ZOOM” power and swag to tackle any job that’s thrown at it! Now the only question remains-will Mazda bring it up from “Down Under” to MazdaUSA showrooms for 2012? We want both “Bull-Bars” please!!

MazdaMovement Art!


Here is the info on Kristina’s website if you want her for your next design.

Thanks again for this interpretation of what MazdaMovement is all about!

“Pic4Swag” week 2 WINNER!!


Congratulations goes out to Alan Jackson for this epic pic of his MazdaSpeed3.

If you want to join up for this contest then head over to our Facebook Group page @

Matt Man’s Miata SummerTime

This was at the 1st “MeetnGreet” Cruise. Bader riding shotgun!!