World Debut! Mazda TAKERI






Mazda Takeri by Mazda Australia Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the global premiere of the Mazda TAKERI next-generation midsize sedan concept car at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda TAKERI exploits Mazda‘s new design language, ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’, to bring a new level of strength and allure to sedan styling. The TAKERI features the full array of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, including the efficient and powerful new SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine, to deliver vigorous performance and a comfortable ride desired in a sedan. The combination of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and electric devices — such as Mazda‘s idling stop system, i-stop, and a new regenerative braking system — enable the Mazda TAKERI to achieve excellent fuel economy.

One response to “World Debut! Mazda TAKERI

  1. The new Takeri concept car hints at next generation Mazda6 will be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show on the late November. The vehicle will come out a new regenerative braking system. The brakes will power the car’s electrical functions and thereby conserve fuel. The introduction of a new regenerative braking system takes the fuel-saving technology even further. The system generates electricity whenever the brake is pressed. That electricity is stored in capacitors and employed later to power electrical functions of the car.

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